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True Facts:

1. When your company’s visual style gets lost or confused, branding, positioning, mindshare and sales soon follow into this downward spiral. And if your UX is not consistent, your conversion rates become low, your customer support team keeps receiving the same questions, and your information architecture gets confusing.

2. UX design can help you grow conversion on the landing page, the page speed, to test new digital strategies through prototyping and usability studies.

3. You will find and eliminate UX pitfalls, strengthen your brand, and gain an even deeper understanding of it.

4. By streamlining onboarding, making your visual language slicker, and creating easier and intuitive user flows, your customers will feel more satisfied with your product. In turn, this will result in higher Net Promoter Score, lower churn rate and increased number of referrals.

So yes – a design audit and the resulting improvements can, and if done well, increase profits.

Designers make the world better with inclusiveness, accessibility and by helping others overcome their health problems with user experience.