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The Story Behind

Tradition awakes brand stories

“It instills a passion for branding, culture, and beauty, at the thought that projects rely on attention, loyalty, and time spent together..”

You feel you’ve met the future in person from the moment you spotlight us.

Meet Motiv românesc, a brand secluded in good taste infusion. A promise for companies that maintain an authentic, natural form ready to embrace creative strategies.


Welcome to our family unified by efficiency, seriousness, and endless creativity.

What happens when you understand that you stepped into the brand sanctuary?

You discover commercials, articles, business strategies, smiles, hugs, selfies, glasses, books, two-by-two tasty brands; crowds of thoughts in a community of reading advertising savors.


You can delight your senses with delicious emanations of scented campaigns.

I feel the bond between us and I dare to ask: Who are you?

I see your childish smile when you get closer and whisper in my right ear: your brand name and the playful steam of the refreshing brand make you disappear.


From now on you are a piece of the healthy branding story. Ready to be cultivated by passionate advertising people and launched in the most suitable markets.

We hope you leave with the thought that you will return alone and with friends, at Romanian Motif, where the brand feels at home.

By Simona Popovici