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On the verge of fundraising with UX design

How many questions do you ask daily? What does designing an experience based on Feng Shui feels like? 🐉 Rethink your brand design process by understanding the fast growing niche of user experience design. I hope you are as eager as I am in finding out more bits and pieces behind big brands loyalty experiences. 🌿
The questioning might seem naive, but it’s the starting point of every design thinking process resulting in powerful insights. Often people are trapped by misconceptions in UX design: the perfect solution, thinking from one point of view, gets attached to the first idea.

Similarities between Disney’s creative process and the Design process

Disney: the importance of truly looking and perceiving, before you start drawing.
UX: 80% listening, 20% talking.
Spiraling notion
Not cultivated: often, the creative process is based on trial & error.
Cultivated: iteration, changes and edits for a final concept.

Disney’s artistic principles

Any creative at Disney focus on these items:

1. Believe — expand your mind and free to be creative
2. Collaborate — only by sharing ideas, they get better (‘+1 each other’)
3. Iterate — learn & improve
4. Risk — without risk, there is no new
5. Complete — be careful no to end up with loose ends

Aladdin is the result of a well-developed, iterated MVP!

Design Thinking process and the Disney artistic process have similar principles and visions.
They both display iterative processes of diverging and converging.


Driving design performance

Product and services are synchronized.

For example, your phone (a product) can now be set up to give you a weather alert (a service) that due to heavy rains, your travel time to your next meeting will be longer. If the user has a positive experience and the alert enables them to arrive on time for their meeting, their re-use and recommendations reflect in higher sales and the feature being enjoyed by lots of other users.

Understand the importance and emerging trends of design in start-ups

Survey objective: Is design a positive investment when building a company?

Audience: 400+ companies respond; 302 were venture-backed, along with over 100 agencies or independent companies.
8 unicorns
All stages of growth
All around the globe

Survey insights

• Design’s Influence – To what extent do companies care about design? Can design in fact help you succeed and grow?
• The Value of Design – How do you measure the actual impact of design?

• Design Team Growth – How in-demand is talent really? How are teams thinking of growing?

• The External Design Eco-System – Do companies get help from the outside? And if so, for what?

Survey voice

• 87% of the respondents said that design was important, if not very important.
• 85% of all companies have Founders or C-level executives weigh in on design decisions.

One-third, that had a designer as part of their founding team.
Companies, that raised at least $20M in venture funding, and had at least 20 designers on staff (47 companies) which we are calling Design-Mature. There also some truly successful unicorns with valuation in excess of $1B (eight companies) which we are calling Design-Unicorns.

Survey insights

Design-Unicorns believed that:

– Design leads to higher sales: +14% among design unicorns
– Design leads to higher customer retention: + 44% among design unicorns
– Design leads to higher customer engagement: +21% among design unicorns
– Design leads to faster product cycles: +30% among design unicorns

Be inspired for your next User experience and user interface project.

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Author: Simona Popovici

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