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From trending to fading with Clubhouse app


Clubhouse case study

Is a trending app enough for long-term success?
The Clubhouse phenomenon opened a new audio-based niche. There are debates on how the app will handle big tech competition, monetize its app and grow in-app retention. This app is a powerful case study for both marketing and product professionals.

Invite – Join – Use – Stay

In order to pass these stages, Clubhouse used some interaction tactics.
1. Request Clubhouse invite (marketing tactic: Reserve your username)
2. Accept invites (marketing approach “We have 30 Clubhouse invites, join us in”.. “I have an invite..” ,“I want you to join..”)
3. Invite people to join via phone number (Limited invites).

clubhouse strategy overview
clubhouse case study

Lockdown trend?

After the lockdown was over, groups of people returned to their lives, to talk face to face with people and experience live events and interactions. So, the Clubhouse app saw a downfall in app downloads.

Facebook, Twitter, and Discord launched rumors and debates around Clubhouse success

Big names in the tech field started to feel uncomfortable regarding Clubhouse and promised to come back with something better than them. They started introducing audio features in their platforms and became their competitors. Twitter introduces Spaces, Instagram introduced an option where you can go live without turning on the video, and communication is possible only through sound. Facebook Live audio rooms are also considered a huge competition.

We can call it: a Tech war

The last in this room is Discord which introduced the audio talk for their audience with stages and a microphone for the virtual public.
The fun fact is that Facebook and Twitter gave up on developing the audio base feature. Is this the evidence that they only wanted to see Clubhouse down?

Latest stats

The (Clubhouse case study) downloads have started falling drastically. The social media app had 10.6 million installs in February 2021, 2.9 million in March, and 873k in April 2021.
Since the release of Clubhouse Android app last summer, the social audio platform’s monthly downloads have fallen by a staggering 86% and are now averaging about 2.8 million downloads globally, according to Similarweb.

Is this the perfect case study that shows us the importance of sticking to your positioning, that retention is way more important than overnight growth? Another subject for the next debate could be: There’s still ethics in tech.

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