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43% of data breaches are caused by insider threats, such as employees intentionally or accidentally exposing sensitive information.
Nearly 50% of all cyberattacks target small businesses.


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Employee motivation: 7 tactics for your team productivity

Motivating your employee is complicated. Find out your company’s latest trends/ideas for work process automation.
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How to develop a growing business with your teams 

You'll learn everything about

🎭 The team’s communication style
🎭 How to apply internal questionnaires for interaction and employee health
🎭 Implementation of new team processes
🎭 Structure and importance of feedback
🎭 Attention economy
🎭 Team productivity
🎭 Cyber attacks can downgrade
team productivity
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Team productivity in 2023 is accompanied by process automation

Work performance is a state-of-mind, closely linked to happiness at work. 
As a result, this happiness does not mean a high salary, but team communication, peace of mind.  Followed by an environment where ideas are encouraged and feedback is at the heart of the whole structure.

Firstly, team productivity is a long-term vision, not aimed at aligning with a deadline and the speed with which we work. Secondly, we measure the trust, openness, and how quickly we process data within the company.

Do you know that your mind needs 3 extra minutes to focus again if you are distracted?
This phenomenon is harmful both for employees and entrepreneurs.

Who wants 30 years old exhausted or sick co-workers?
In conclusion, specialists are looking for inventive and effective ways to transform our workplace.

The revolution is known as digital transformation. In other wordsit will affect your brand and team productivity.

This eBook covers digital transformation topics and practical ideas for your teams. Most importantly, we will start by setting the stage for the beginning of the digital transformation and its effects on companies and employees. Next, we will identify and analyze the characteristics of high performance teams. In addition, you’ll find out in which ways the attention economy can affect your team productivity.  For instance, how many hours it will be beneficial to work at the office.

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Strategic digital intersection

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